A Onexplayer Mini Pro Intel i7 handheld gaming PC is coming

It looks like the gamers looks not intrested much among the desktop pc gaming or having big monitors, companies start making handheld gaming pc which provides all AAA games series. The new Onexplayer mini pro is available to preorder and the handheld gaming pc has a speedy intel alder LAKE i7 CPU and a 1TB SSD under the hood.

A new Onexplayer Mini handheld gaming pc is coming soon to the market and it will be challenging for Steam Deck. The portable powerhouse also packs a 1TB SSD within it’s compact shell but it ill cost you more than double the price of top end Steam Deck.

The upcoming handheld gaming pc from Onexplayers comes with an intel core i7-1206P a gaming CPU with four performance cores and eight efficient. In addition, the mobile chip’s boost clockspeeds can reach 4.70 GHz, which sounds more like gaming laptop specification rather.

The Onexplayer mini Pro’s Ram configuration is worth of boasting about too, as the machine uses a 16GB 5.200 mhz dual channel of LPDDR5 setup. In the term of storage, It’s 1TB hard drive should hold a chunk of your steam library but the fact is M2. 2280 module means you swap it out with one of the best SSD for gaming.