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There are four private voice teachers, a vocal director, and a choreographer for the annual musical. The Roosevelt News was awarded the honor, Sayre Burwell (left), Lucas Schultze (right) / Gabby Demeny, The Roosevelt News Are you looking, Roosevelt Teacher Racial Diversity Lags Behind Students, Seattle City Council Allocates $4M to School Mental Health Resources, TRN Earns First Class Honor in Critique by NSPA, In Our Honest Opinions, With Lucas and Sayre. Fax: 206-252-4811, 1410 NE 66th St. Instead, after graduating high school Hollins was drawn toward cultural anthropology, fueled by a deep love for stories. I thought the principal of Roosevelt was a woman. We must all actively take an anti-racist stance in every aspect of public education, including the student newspaper.. Throughout her career, she has primarily been working at large school districts like Seattle, and wondered what it would be like to be in a smaller district. So, when the opportunity arose, I thought I would act upon it, she says. Contact us at [email protected]. On Facebook, a man who identified himself as the father of the student who drew the illustration said his son raised concerns before publication about whether the image was appropriate, but those concerns were dismissed. [18] After finishing first in 2017, the boys' soccer team was ranked at the end of the year by MaxPreps as the 6th rated Boys Soccer team in the US. Lovely how everyone is assuming the worst here. 121 0 obj <> endobj I promptly got kicked out of Roosevelt after, I wanna say I lasted four or five months, maybe, he states. Jazz Band III was introduced at the beginning of the 200607 school year because of an increased number of jazz musicians arriving at Roosevelt. (click on membership form) and mail to RHS Golden Grads, PO Box 281, Edmonds, WA 98020-0281. She said shed like school employees to ask about her goals and how they can help her meet them. [13] The most recent state playoffs appearance occurred in 2009. [7], Roosevelt also is home to FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Washington team 4180, the Iron Riders. It's time again to ADD YOU to the Grapevine! 206-252-0000, Distributing Information to Students and Schools, Northwest Coast Art by Andrea Wilbur-Sigo, Squaxin/Skokomish, Buildings, Technology and Academics (BTA) at Roosevelt, Community resources and programs at Roosevelt High School. This School is HUGE. Incidents are counted as many times as there are students involved.Incidents per 100 Students: Count of disciplinary incidents divided by enrolled students and then multiplied by 100. Great Hearts Roosevelt is a member of the prestigious Great Hearts network of classical liberal arts preparatory academies in the metropolitan Phoenix area. Once she learned of The Times story, she sent an email to. Sometimes students whove had a hard time in ninth grade, figure it out, and develop and mature. 447. Brian Vance. To this day, Rodgers says she still misses teaching. Thanks to our GG web master, Ellen Brown Hewitt 53 for periodically updating the list of our members there. We're sorry but your website won't work properly without javascript enabled. On Mar. hb```,\| eaXZ vP5AA*L@yA [11] Roosevelt athletics traditionally participated in the Metro League since its opening until the 199798 school year when Roosevelt, Garfield and Franklin High Schools moved to the Kingco 4A conference. Yet, Hollins journey was not a linear one in fact, he reveals that he did not grow up wanting to work in education. Were proud to announce that Roosevelt Jazz Band 1 has been selected as a finalist to the Essentially Ellington Festival in New York City. But for Rodgers, working with high schoolers is truly her passion. At the 2016 Western High School Regional Championships, the boys placed first and the girls took 6th place. Submit announcements:Wednesday by 5 p.m. to the RHS Parent eNews editors ([email protected]). Please submit them to The Roosevelt News, Attention: Paul Reese, Roosevelt High School, 1410 NE 66th Street, Seattle, Washington 98115; or by email to [email protected]. The Roosevelt News was awarded the honor, Sayre Burwell (left), Lucas Schultze (right) / Gabby Demeny, The Roosevelt News Are you looking, Students Call Cultural Appropriation on ASR, Roosevelt Teacher Racial Diversity Lags Behind Students, Seattle City Council Allocates $4M to School Mental Health Resources, TRN Earns First Class Honor in Critique by NSPA, In Our Honest Opinions, With Lucas and Sayre. For four years, Rodgers has been principal at Roosevelt High School in the Seattle School District. The Black Lives Matters in School movement has its roots in Seattle. Roosevelt, in north Seattles Ravenna neighborhood, is one of the least diverse high schools in the Seattle district. As a former special education and alternative education teacher, she is enthusiastic about preparing students for smooth post-secondarytransitions and to prepare for success in a global economy. With this new position being a ferry ride across the water, Rodgers plans for her family residence to move to Bainbridge Island for the start of the school year. The Roosevelt News accepts, and may choose to publish, signed letters to the editors. A controversial illustration on the cover of a high-school newspaper has ignited a discussion about how Seattle can do a better job of teaching about race and equity in its public schools, many of which are segregated by race and taught mostly by white teachers. As the premier parent organization, with more than 125,000 members in more than 875 local PTAs, the association is an innovative, forward-thinking and effective advocate for children. Uh whatever happened to principal Kristina? While Roosevelt students know her as Principal Rodgers, Rodgers history at Seattle Public Schools goes back before she began teaching. Comments from Jessica Proctor: Ms. Proctor is the Assistant Principal at Roosevelt High School and she does the master scheduling for the school. The BTA IV Capital Levy was approved by voters in 2016. Besides the jazz bands and orchestras, student musicians have the option to be in one of two concert bands. The premier will be at 7pm and followed by Q&A with a panel that includes Seattle Public School Board President Brandon Hersey, Roosevelt Principal HkwauaQueJol Hollins, students, parents, and alumni. We had a great time at the Golden Grads Luncheons at Sand Point Country Club. Assistant Principals: Roy Merca, Assistant Principal (A-Gil) [email protected] Rachel Langness, Assistant Principal (Gla-Nob) [email protected] Maggie Mattmiller, Assistant Principal (Nor-Z) [email protected] We want to acknowledge the strong work that Assistant Principals Proctor, Merca, and Kelly have led during Principal Hollinss absence, ensuring our students and staff at Roosevelt High School are safe and focused on the teaching and learning we want for each of our school communities. Up-to-date members of Golden Grads will have special opportunities to participate during the Centennial. This is a fantastic blend of experienced SPS high school leaders with new energy and talents from other school districts. Find more info on the Student Portal page: Student_portalCommunication Preferences: SPS Communication_preferences, Physical and Mental HealthSchool Nurse, Madalyn (Madie) Nelson MSN, RNEmail: [email protected]: 206-252-4817, Teen Health Center Staffed full time by a Physician Assistant, Mental Health Therapists, and a Health Educator, providing family medicine servicesWebsite: Neighborcare.orgLocation: Room 255Phone: 206-527-8336Email: [email protected], Nutrition and Family SupportStudent and Family Meals Our intent is to broaden thinking and bring awareness to issues that matter in our community and provide an open forum for discussion within our school. Great Hearts Roosevelt offers both a lower school and upper school program Archway Roosevelt (K-5) and Roosevelt Prep (6-8, adding one grade level each year until it serves grades 6-12). Roosevelt High School 1410 NE 66th St. Seattle, WA 98115 Main Office: 206-252-4810 Main Office: 206-252-4810 Fax: 206-252-4811 Roosevelt High School Website CSIP and School Report Discipline Dashboard Roosevelt Levy Projects Roosevelt School Profile Attendance Area School Attendance Area Map Educators in multiple cities including Seattle then planneda nationwide Black Lives Matter at Schools week. Its time to listen.. [8], The marching band performs halftime shows at some home football games and basketball games. Then click on that link. The dedication took place on. Rodgers is a born and raised Seattleite, where she made her way through Eckstein Middle School and eventually to Roosevelt High School. Roosevelt High School has the only full-time drama program in the Seattle School District. Roosevelt offers Spanish and French, and it is the only school in Seattle Public Schools that offers American Sign Language. Ballard High School moved to Kingco 4A in 2000. On May 9, 2022, the school district announced the appointment of Ingraham Vice Principal Tami Brewer as Roosevelt's new principal. @3 9Ju0bw01j7 @\LBp10-K ` 0= Opened in 1922 to relieve overcrowding at Lincoln High School,[2] it ranks as the second-largest high school in Seattle Public Schools. It paid for renovation or new construction of schools throughout the district. Theodore Roosevelt High School (Fresno, California) Theodore Roosevelt High School (Los Angeles, California) Theodore Roosevelt High School (Colorado) President Theodore Roosevelt High School, Honolulu, Hawaii. We seek to inspire conversation within the Roosevelt community and give a platform to a wide range of opinions and backgrounds so that all voices in the student body are acknowledged and represented. After former Principal Brian Vance stepped down in 2017, Rodgers took on the new role as principal of Roosevelt High School. [citation needed] The girls' basketball team has won one state championship[14] and had a wide-release theatrical movie, The Heart of the Game, based on their experiences. Technology Supports for Families: Seattleschools.orgTranslated formsin Amharic, Chinese, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. The timing is really good for continuing the work., I wish our students the best, I care about them, Rodgers says. 3rd Team All-American, NCAA All-Tournament Team, WCC First Team. And after that we work everything else out., Follow us on Instagram @therooseveltnews for issue updates and to learn more about the staff! In 201415, Roosevelt, Garfield and Ballard High schools returned to the Metro 3A Conference. It has 1,715 students in grades 9th through 12th. Known as "The Pride of Seattle," this group of students also travels to and performs in multiple parades in the Northwest region each year.[9]. Read more in the Seattle Times: 3 Seattle-area high schools make finals of 2023 Essentially Ellington jazz band competition. [12], The boys' basketball team has won three state championships: in 1946, 1973 & 1982 and placed 2nd in 1965 & 1987. He admits that the transition was challenging, saying theres always more things to do than time., Beyond obstacles created as a result of the pandemic, Hollins explains that he is also in the process of learning a different school culture; [thats] different too., Nevertheless, he mentions that the students have really embraced me. Smiling, he says, You dont know how it feels, to go to a game and all you hear is HOLLINS WHATS UP! I mean, its just an amazing feeling. PACKS FOR TEENS the support of the University District Food Bank and the community, our program serves Roosevelts families in need each week. The Roosevelt Jazz Band performs and competes all over the nation, and it has traveled internationally. 11. Expulsions: Count of emergency expulsions for a student attribute.Enrolled: Count of enrolled students.Exclusion Actions: Count of exclusionary actions for a student attribute.Exclusion Days: Count of exclusion days for a student attribute.Exclusion Type: Short-term suspension (SS), Long-term suspension (LS), Emergency expulsion (EE), In-school suspension (IS), Expulsion (EX), and Interim alternative education setting (IA).Exclusionary Actions: Count of exclusionary actions.Expulsions: Count of expulsions for a student attribute.FERPA Compliance: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Compliance. Here are some pictures to spark your memories. As of Fall 2016 the student demographics were:[25]. News and current events in or around Seattle, Washington. School Hours: 8:50 a.m. 3:40 p.m. %%EOF Castro-Gill hopes schools will adopt an introductory ethnic studies curriculum approved by the school board in October. Im excited to work in a new school district and understand how the policies and procedures in the Bainbridge School District compare to those of Seattle, she says. And so that if somebody sees something they can just put a message in the box.. The Roosevelt News reserves the right to reject any advertisement deemed unacceptable for publication. 10 students of color, from such schools as Roosevelt, Garfield, Chief Sealth, and Franklin, experienced both a classroom-based exploration of racial equity concepts and curriculum, and collaborative group adventures. Joseph is the director of the UWs Center for Communication, Difference, and Equity. School Reports show a brief snapshot of a schools academic growth, student climate, accountability, family and staff engagement, and overall school performance.

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