China vlogger who ate Great White Shark under investigation

The story of the day, according to reports (Geo News), A Chinese influencer is under police investigation after a clip of her roasting and eating a great white shark went viral. The under-water giant fish and deadliest animal become the part of viral news. The footage of the vlogger popularly known by her online pseudonym Tizi, showed her feasting on the predatory fish. Police in the central city of Nanchong confirmed it on Sunday it was a great white shark. “It may look vicious but it;s meat is truly very tender”.

Tizi said while tearing of her large chunks of the animals barbecued meat in a video posted in mid-July. In the video since deleted she is seen unwrapping a two-mere long fish lying down next to it show that it’s that its taller than her.

Great white sharks are listed as vulnerable species by the International union for conservation of nature. Just one step before being classed as endangered. One of the popular predators battling for last few decades. Chinese state media has long waged war on viral binge-eating videos, known by the Korean slang “mukbang”, while live streaming platforms have for years promised to shut down accounts promoting excess eating and food wastage. In China, they are listed as protected. Illegal possession can lead to a five-to-10-year prison term. “