Pakistan Cellular Mobile Operators Pays Rs 6.4 Million as Fines to PTA

Pakistani CMO’s payed around 6.4 million rupees in fine to the PTA (Pakistan telecommunication Authorties) reports indicate that the fine was charged for providing poor quality services to the customers. The Documents released by PTA shows that the CMO’s were fined for a total Rs 39 million out of which 16% paid and court appeals have filed for the rest of 33.5 million Rs.

PTA in account of the poor services have sent around 26 show cause notices to CMO’s around the country, despite the notices, the quality still at the decline for both common man and business organizations are suffering at the hands of low quality phone services.

The CMO’s in their appeal for reducing or completely finishing of the remaining Rs 35.5 million are still awaiting verdict from the court, the cases are still pending to check the quality of phone service inside the country. The PTA conducts a quarterly quality test throughout the country, test signal strength and quality of different telecom companies. Once the Survey is finished the results will be shared with different companies regarding to the places where cellular operations in the country still lacking. PTA, apart from its survey also takes in consumer complains about every mobile service provider, these complaints are collected and worked upon once a particular issue gets consistent complaints.