PayPal No Plans Yet For Pakistan Launch?

Pakistan blogging community increasing day by day many worldwide customers hold by the Pakistan. There is a large number of students who are working online on different platforms such as (Fiver, Upwork) where they lost clients who prefer them to paypal.

But since no options left for Pakistanis back they used other services like Wire Transfer or Payoneer. But many Pakistan’s looking forward to get their hands on Pay-Pal services. Will that be possible in future, things have turned different, In Pakistan not much people aware of digital payments but recently launch of NayaPay and SadaPay increase people interest.

PayPal is an American company and is internationally the largest third-party services provider of monetary transactions with high-tech accounts security and a top-notch financial management system that operates in about 200 markets and has 277 million registered accounts. It also allows its customers to send, receive, and hold funds in 25 currencies.

  • Pay-Pal and top digital payment companies have zero tolerance for money laundering
  • There are already many cases on going in Pakistan about money.
  • The goverment show concerns for the digital payment company but still allot work in the field of fast banking and secure banking remaining in Pakistan.

Currently no official details reported about Paypal arrival. However Pakistani’s still need to wait for the paypal like digital fast and secure payment.