Suzuki Swift Now Costs Almost Rs 4 Million

Things turn different specially when the currency of country getting devalue in the international markets. For the first time dollar reach the highest peak back in Pakistan which affect peoples of all kind life-style badly. The car sector people and businessman suffered major loss, but beside this still cars prices increased after each week or month. In 2018-2019 Honda Civic can be bout for Rs 4 million in Pakistan but the prices won’t stop increasing now Civic cost Rs 8 million and Suzuki Swift cost for Rs 4 million.

Pak Suzuki Motor Company, has announced major hike in their car prices its locally assembled cars. Remaining up to speed with Japanese rivals, PMSC has increased for the 4th time in the year.

VariantsOld Price (Rs.)New Prices (Rs.)Increase (Rs.)
Alto VX1,475,0001,789,000314,000
Alto VXR1,733,0002,079,000346,000
Alto VXL1,951,0002,399,000388,000
                                                                                           Wagon R
Wagon R VXR2,084,0002,549,000388,000
Wagon R VXL2,199,0002,699,000500,000
Wagon R AGS2,399,0002,949,000550,000
Cultus VXR2,330,0002,879,000549,000
Cultus VXL2,564,0003,164,000595,000
Cultus AGS2,762,0003,379,000617,000
Swift GL M/T2,774,0003,349,000575,000
Swift GL CVT2,998,0003,599,000601,000
Swift GLX CVT3,298,0003,959,000661,000
Bolan VX1,328,0001,579,000251,000
Bolan Cargo1,315,0001,566,000251,000

How much it impact the cars sales in Pakistan we have to wait, for another year, currently each day Pakistan currency getting de-value the country reported to be close to get default if no fund provided by the IMF.