What Is the Formation Lap in Formula 1?

There is a formation Lap in F1, before every formula 1 race began. The drivers do one last lap of the track in which is well known as formation Lap. This Lap is like the pre-start or warm-up Lap. Not only F1, but other motorsports racing also use the same formation lap in MotoGP, IndyCar, SuperSeries and NasCar.

THe formation lap allows drivers to assess race-day conditions on all track sectors, warm-up their tires before the race, it’s a good way to set them selves mentally for the race. Just before the start of the race, F1 teams will bring their cars on the grid box at the start and finish line.

Key-Purpose to Check the Condition of Circuit Before Race?

The purpose is to set the cars placement according to their qualification method. There are tweks and adjustments need to cars to prepare it for the racing. The mechanics adjusting the front wing or keeping the tyres warm and heated tyres blankets as they prepare for the race or warm-up lap.

The formation lap, the drivers will follow the speed set by the lead driver, who earned pole position in qualifying. The drivers must respect the pit lane speed limit until they pass the starting lineup which may accelerate to keep-up with car in front of them.

Limited Speeds Before Finishing Line-up?

Drivers not premitted to pass the cars infront of them unlress it’s disabled or become hazard during the formation lap. Fans will often see drivers weaving on the track which helps them warn-up their cars tyres to check the pressure or problems with wings of the cars. DRS is not enabled during the formation lap since cars going so slowly.