Apple M2 MacBook Air Reviews, Features, Excellent Battery Life

Apple M2 MacBook another addition to the Apple products with M2 chipset coming to the market. The M2 MacBook Air is comes with a new setup that will attract more Laptop users towards it. The entry-level laptop for web browsing, light photo and video editing is closer to share it’s space in the market.

There is massive different in M1 and M2 chip products, as per sources there 18 percent boost reported in CPU performances in M2 chip devices and 34 percent improvement in GP. The speed is quite faster regarding to previous devices having M1 Chip.

Things that make Apple M2 MacBook Air totally different Laptop for browsing, is Gorgeous Display with better functionalities of M2 chip. It’s MagSafe charging made it’s batter life extended and excellent. But still there are things that you need to deal with it, It does not come with fast-charging adapter and the price is same like other M2 chip devices that already in the market.

The M2 MacBook Air’s killer feature is it’s long-term battery life which will work for several days based on the browsing and usage of the device. Apple claim’s that the M2 Macbook Air can get up 15 hours of batter life if you are just browsing the web and upto 18 hours if you are watching video. It’s one of the top devices for the users who don’t want games in the laptop but rather considered device for work purpose making files, editing videos, and photos.