Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date & Story Mode

Grand Theft Auto, one of the most popular game on each platform, mobile, desktop and gaming consoles. There are rumors that developers have set-up the next part which will based on all three cities, Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas. The game-play based on completing missions to earn the money and purchase weapons in the game. GTA 5 breaks all the record after it’s release, GTA 6 few trailers hit the YouTube.

Who Will Develop GTA 6?

Rockstar games are the current developers of GTA 5, but they did not announced anything yet about GTA 6, the fans are eagerly waiting for the next title. The developers produce last game (Red Dead Redemption II) after that no title introduced yet.

Announcement |

The RockStar announced back in February 2022, that the game is underway which means they are developing the game. There is no confirmed news that the game will called GTA 6. However there are fake videos circulating on YouTube and other networks about the game since the announcement.

What’s New will be in GTA 6?

  • All three cities combined (as per sources)
  • Three new cities will be added to the game, including (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Some sources claimed that game will be developed back in year (1980s).
  • The characters in increased from three to four (Trevor, Michael, and Franklin)
  • Carl “CJ” Johnson of San Andreas, Tommy Vercetti will be playable characters in GTA 6
  • The fourth character will be a women as per sources.
  • GTA 6 will be set in Miami or Vice City
  • GTA 6 will be set in both the US and South America