Splatoon 3 Review, Story, Gameplay

Splatoon 3 got similar gameplay to the previous version in the series. It’s a third person shooters game. Returning from the previous game is the ability for players to choose between Inklings and Octolings as their play able character.

Rollers are large paint rollers that can cover large amount of area in ink but are generally limited to close-range combat. The chargers are sniper rifle like weapons with long range for sniping opponents but are less effective at painting the ground.

Splatoon 3 expands, there are new main and special weapons introduce in the game. Inklings, also have the ability to morph into squid creatures. Referred to in-game as the “Squid Form” which can be used to climb ink-covered or swim through ink faster than humanoid forms can walk.

Confirmed by Nitendo to be returning as playable online multiplayer game mode ins Regular Battle, also called Turf War. In the regular battles, two teams of four players compete to cover the most amount of the map’s area in their respective ink color. Each player is equipped with a weapon set, chosen prior to each match, and each set comes with additional secondary and special weapons in addition to its main weapon.