Best PS2 Emulator for Android Phones & Tablets

One of the most popular game systems on the market is Sony’s Playstation 2. As a result, PS2 is Sony’s best-selling and most popular gaming system. And because of its popularity, there have been several localized versions and emulators developed. Some emulators on PC had comparable requirements, therefore they were able to run the game smoothly. You couldn’t play PlayStation 2 games on your cell phone because of the lack of power and compatibility. However, as time went on, Android-based emulators were built.

The most popular game systems on the market is Playstation network. Recently PS2, emulators were introduce, by using these emulators some of the best PS2 games can be accessed on smart phones and devices. These emulators have different versions, all games won’t run on the PS2 emulators, but some games which are avalible on the developers website can run smoothly on Android.


There are two edition of PPSSPP introduced, but this playstation emulator won’t run the games of PS2 but you can play the games of PSP on it. But as you know, not all games some games can run smoothly while some can work but there might problem in their audio or video pixesl.


The most popular one emulator PS2 users reported Play, The emulator reported one of the best for128-bit games. Because of the system settings of this emulator. This emulator is not updated on Google Play but you can get from the official site of the developers.


A fantastic, Android PS2 emulator, You can get this emulator from Google Play Store. Some reports about this edition of emulator circulating that it’s not anymore avalible on Google Play, the details not public.