Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Release Date & Specs

Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is the second edition of Samsung’s hit wireless earbuds. After Successful Launch of Galaxy Buds Pro last year in January, the new edition and sequel of the Ear buds introduce.

According to the reports, Samsung is going to call the upcoming earbuds “Galaxy Buds Pro 2”, previously there rumors that these ear pods will named “Buds 2 Pro”. The final branding is not confirmed yet, well only know truth about the launch alongside much awaited Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Watch 5. Samsung, hopeful to bring more people towards the Galaxy Buds Pro 2, to challenge AirPods Pro 2.

The tech giant is hopeful to deliver an upgrade featuring cooler design, smooth display, a better sound quality that can attract more people towards their Galaxy Buds 2. Samsung looking forward to launc Galaxy Buds 2 at the jampacked audience event, some sources reported that event will be held on 10 th August 2022.

Extended Features of Galaxy Buds 2 Pro?

Reports and details leaked online, suggested that upcoming Galaxy Buds 2 Pro comes with longer batter life with increased capacity. They will also featured a better quality audio and active noise cancelation and durability. There is a custom 2-way speaker system alongside more powerful woofer, and tweeter to upgrade the performance. The better inner mic and high SNR mic for improving ANC (Ambient Sound features) will be avalible.

How Much Buds 2 Pro Will Cost?

The Buds 2 Pro will likely launch in the same price as it’s first edition, the price tag will be $199 suggest for the previous edition, since it’s successful first edition, the price mike hike to $229 before the launch of new edition.