Pakistan Ranked 4th Among Top 10 Freelancers Country List

Pakistan currently might facing issues regarding to their currency and economic structure but in one sector, the country has overtaken big name countries (Freelancing) a way to earn money online. Today almost every graduate or under-graduate once try his luck to earn money and use the key platforms such as upwork, fiver.

Recently a reported released according to which Pakistan freelancers hold the clients community worth millions and bringing huge revenue to their country but still not get facilities like other countries do like Paypal. There are many Pakistani who could not get projects online because not having payment verification system in Pakistan like Paypal.

Mostly Pakistani students, or freelancers who earn money learn the skills from the platforms like YouTube and engage the skills in the projects of their clients, The only way they getting money is Payoneer, according to details, Pakistan Government looking forward to work with the Freelancers community making sure they get opportunity and easy payment methods to earn the money.