Man catches enormous fish, Gets Viral on Internet

The American fisherman stunned social media users by catching one of the “monster” sized tiger muskie in Connecticut Lake Lillinonah, the iamge of the man and captured fish was posted on the social media site Facebook called “The connecticut fish and wildlife caption in the Image.

According to reports the fish was measured around 42 inches long, one of the biggest fish kind of tiger muskie, the fisherman, Joe Rivas, said the fish acted angry but Rivas adrenaline went through the roof when he realized what he had caught. Internet users share their picture on social media commented about the size of the monster fish.

The users on his picture comment their reviews, one of the internet user look frighten as he said “I don’t want to swim anywhere anymore” and another user said “what a monster I would not be happy at the thought of swimming with me looks preshistoric. One of the Internet users said this fight might break some records of the fishing.